Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catching My Breath

I am the kind of person that can usually keep up with it all...especially the last 2 years while I've had 3 kids at 3 different schools with 3 completely different schedules.

But the last few weeks have been crazy busy and I am barely holding it together. So, this morning I am playing hooky. Actually, I am playing hooky all day long.

There are a bunch of people who aren't going to be happy with me today, but in all honesty, I don't think they are the kind of people who are happy with anyone anyway.


I am supposed to be at a PTA meeting and breakfast potluck in 11 minutes. I'm skipping it. After that, I am supposed to be at a bible study planning lunch. Not a bible study, but a planning meeting for next year. Skipping it. This afternoon? A volunteer thank you tea at Brian's school. Skipping. The big choir banquet is tonight for Matthew's choir with all of the really, really, REALLY intense parents. Skipping.

My plans for today are pretty simple. I am meeting a girlfriend at Corner Bakery for coffee. Her son graduated this past weekend, so she will be relaxed and will listen while I moan and groan...and then she'll tell me to buck up. I will, as usual, leave feeling calmer and ready to handle everything.

After, I am going to buy a few more tomato plants...19 cannot possibly be enough, and spend the afternoon in the quiet of my garden. Alone. Building a tepee for the string beans. Alone. My plan is to then make something really great for dinner...M is working in Riverside the next 2 days, so he'll be on the road alot and he needs to come home to a great smelling, even better tasting something. As of right now, I am leaning towards some sort of beef stew...but I'll keep you posted.


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