Thursday, June 19, 2008

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It's HOT here.


 The tomatoes are happy.


The temps are in the mid 90's and after Meals on Wheels and lunch with Josephine, I sweltered in the heat while I watered.  Everything has perked up and is growing like crazy...finally!

Matthew is at an all day practice today in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a football field, sweating like crazy in the 105 degree heat.  Yesterday was the 2nd of 5 days off for him this whole summer...he spent the day running errands and then he and Jenn came for supper.  His request?  Spaghetti and that was what we had, especially after he pointed out that he will only be home for 11 more meals before he goes off to college.


Alex has been hanging with friends most of the's his 1st official day of summer and even the high heat won't keep them off the basketball court.  Brian's last day of school was today and he is currently running and climbing and laughing outside in the hot sun.  

I love that.


Last night, we ate outside and then sat for hours in the backyard.  Neighbors popped in and out...there is just something about dancing to Frank Sinatra with twinkly lights all around and I am so thankful that summer vacation has finally, finally arrived.

It sure took awhile.

This morning we met with the contractor one more time to go over the plans for a remodel.  Don't even ask what we've decided because we're still thinking.  And thinking.  And thinking.  Sometimes I think we are looking into doing this more for other people than for us and that is something we need to figure out.  Plus, I've learned that everyone has an opinion on what they would do, so it's best to not share too much of what we want to do.  Does that make sense?

In the meantime, all my boys woke up in their own beds this morning and ate breakfast in our little kitchen before heading out on their way.  Tonight they'll all gather back in that same little kitchen for a late night snack and head off to sleep in their own little beds.

Doesn't take much to make me happy.


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  1. Besides, if you drag your feet long enough they will all move out and you will not need to remodle.


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