Sunday, December 23, 2007


Twas the day before Christmas Eve and what do you do?

You put a spider on a sleeping cat and take pictures!

You gather all your friends outside, some old wood and a little duct tape and you make yourself a really super, duper bike ramp.

When you get tired of that, you might just think about pogo-ing off the curb.

It was an incredibly beautiful day here. The temps were in the mid 70's, the sun was shining, and the house, for the most part is clean. Laundry is caught up and as I sit here typing, my husband just brought me a Kir Royale. Without much Kir.


The car was cleaned today and is ready for a road trip. Matthew is still in Disney World and spent today texting me about how much better the rides are there instead of here.

I believe him and I am jealous.

We need to come here, Mom!

Sounds great son, but just this year alone you have been to New York City with the choir, Disney World with the band and spent the summer traveling the US with drum corps.

It's your turn now...we'll get there someday. And that's OK.


Michael and I went on a little walk this afternoon and chatted with some neighbors. Most had their doors open or were just wandering outside like us. This is a special place that we call home.
Supper is buttermilk chicken and a batch of pesto made with a very, very small basil plant. Last night we stayed up watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and I am positive we will find something much, much better to watch tonight. Oh...we did watch A Christmas Carol with the boys...the George C. Scott version. Fabulous!

Is it possible to eat too many Christmas cookies and watch too many Christmas movies?

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  1. temps in the 70s???
    We have wind chills below zero, blowing snow, and just cold. Want to trade places?


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