Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Road Trip

California should be known as 'The Long, Long State' because it is...well, really, really, really long.

Too long.

After taking down our dried out, needle-less tree and doing a somewhat pick-up after Christmas cleaning job, we packed up and headed north.

Way north.

Leaving the kitties behind. Boo-Hoo.

M packed up the car, leaving an itty-bitty crevice for Brian to sit way , way back there.

We started to drive and I soon realized that my darling husband had had NO coffee. None. Zilch. Ever started a road trip with a man who spent a lot of time loading way too much stuff in a car AND dealing with 2 rather moody teens who wouldn't get out of bed AND an overly chipper 9 yr old who tried to pack everything he owns AND has had NO coffee?

Not pretty.

It was a little late for coffee, but I found him an In n Out instead.

Smiles abounded.
And then it started to snow.
Oh, how we miss our Colorado snow...and this made us all smile. We even pulled over, ran around a bit and froze our little toes off.

Love the snow.


Central CA has not a whole lot to look at, until you start passing cows. Zillions and zillions of cows.

Makes you very glad that you had finished that burger miles down the road.

Makes you crave SALAD.

Now, we are veteran travellers, or so we like to think. Anyone up for an ice cream cone? Dipped maybe?

Amateurs! Brian was way back yonder with a drippy cone saying something about being sticky. In fact, it's been 4 days and I think he is still talking about it.

FINALLY, we reach Grandma and Grandpa's, which if we lived anywhere else would've been like 3 states away.

And the boys bellied up to the bar.

And the women folk cooked. And cooked. And cooked.

Oh, and washed a dish or two.

I do have to mention that Sophie could not quite understand what we were doing at her Grandma's house..I mean, wasn't she just at our house yesterday?

Too cute.

For most of my boys...this was THE spot. A rather large TV and football.

Can't get much better than that, now can it?

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  1. It's never to late for coffee!

    I am supprised you got out and looked at the snow as I imagine NONE of your were wearing socks or closed toe shoes.


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