Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rain, Rain

It is so cold here, and these little So Cal houses aren't insulated! Brrr! I've got the furnace going, the fireplace burning AND (get ready to gasp!), I am wearing socks.


I don't even own any, so I had to swipe a pair from Alex's drawer.

I am a barefoot kinda gal. I wear clogs and flip flops. Even my tennies (wow!..that word makes me think of my mom!) are slip on.

Believe it or not, I gave up socks even before we moved was just so much easier to slip on a pair of clogs and go.

But today is cold and these wood floors are freezing, so I caved. Whatever.

Anything else that you want to know?


Brian and his friend were at the school playing basketball and the rains came down. They ran home and were freezing cold and wet, so he is currently in my shower. Matthew is in the boys shower after just crawling out of bed and then he's heading to the college for a trumpet lesson. On his behalf, he was part of our party until 2am and had a 6am call time this morning...his choir sang the National Anthem for the 1/2 marathon in our neighborhood, so he was a tad bit tired. Alex is working again this Saturday...he's helping run clinics for 2nd and 3rd grade basketball, and he loves it. Instead of paying him, they are giving him a credit towards his gym time, of which we normally pay $125.00/ work away my son! I am supposed to be attending the President's party in an hour or so, but had just assumed one of my older boys would be here to stay with Brian, but both are out. Uh-oh. M will be unhappy, but Brian and I will make pancakes and watch The Santa Clause.
Hooray! (she says under her breath!)

Last night was Matthew's concert and I must say, when my son started to beat box, I almost fell out of my chair. He is so hilarious...what a ham.

And yes, I know my camera is always out of focus. It is old and weathered and no longer has an auto (or self, for that matter) focus, but my thinking is that blurry pictures are better than no pictures...right?

M also had a concert and afterwards, all of our closest friends came for a bottle of wine. Or two. Or who knows how many? It was a fun, yet strange evening...there are some things happening that are not blog worthy, but made for a tense at times party. Which is unusual. It was, however; important for us all to be together...and more importantly, to be there for one another. God has His hand in all of this and we trust...

For now, I am going to take my socks and cuddle up with my youngest, because soon enough, he will have a schedule all his own...and for now, I am holding on tight.


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