Saturday, December 1, 2007

Birthday Bash

I am somewhat surprised that I am blogging today. Maybe because I am somewhat surprised to be standing today.

Pass me a pillow, please.

I am, I think, experiencing the eye of the storm. The house is calm and I am hiding.

Yesterday brought the rains to SoCal, which we so desperately need. It also brought a marathon day.

In the last 36 hours or so, Alex had a band concert and completely rocked on the snare. He's thinking this whole music thing is kinda cool. Not enough to give up sports for in high school, but for now it's OK.

Matthew had his 1st, and hopefully last, very minor no one else involved except a curb car 'accident'. Enough to scare him, but all is well.
New tires were bought at Costco yesterday morning.

A birthday dinner was made. And eaten.

Presents were wrapped. And unwrapped.

Cousins came to play.

A book fair at Brian's school, of which I am co-chair, was delivered and needed to be set up.

And Mollie had to go to the Vet and be spayed. We just couldn't take it anymore and already this morn, she is back to normal. It was traumatic for me and as hard as I tried...I couldn't stop crying. They were sympathetic, yet a little concerned. Oh well. I'm getting used to it.

Add on a long few nights of dress rehearsals for the Conductor in the family. Tonight is the 1st of 5 sold out performances for his choir, and I cannot wait to go. M's parents are in town and the champagne is chilling. It's going to be a grand weekend!


  1. OK I loved the entry yesterday-I remember when he was born so well-but I have to ask: why were you crying at the vet? I don't get it. Because the cats got fixed?

  2. Holly,
    She was most likely crying because the cats had to get fixed. She must get her psycho behavior from the other side of the family. I happen to be on the "normal" side. You know, "normal" includes relatives that attack toll booths, direct traffic in a parking garage, and shoot buttons across the room.

  3. She knew that from this point forward the cat will take offense to the term "Calling a spade a spade".


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