Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Play Date

It's been crazy busy around here, but we did have time to schedule a play date.

For the kitties.

At my house.

My kittens came from our neighbors cat, who snuck out for a few days of wild fun and came home...ummmm....with child. Or children. She had 5 babies under Kasey's dresser and after trying not to fall in love, I did. One died right after it was born and one found a home with another family. We took Maggie and Mollie and our neighbors kept the runt of the litter, whom they named 'Slowy'.

We wanted to see if the sisters would still recognize each other, so over Slowy came to play.

They looked at each other and ran and spent the rest of their time hiding.

And hissing.

What was I expecting, you ask?

I dunno. Hugs and kisses maybe?

I forgot that they are CATS.

M spent the whole time rolling his eyes.

Hard to picture that one, isn't it?

I was expecting them to love each other. I thought we'd take some photos and serve a snack of fish flavored nibbles...instead I have claw marks in my leg.

I think from now on, we'll visit via mail.



  1. Cats are like women, they are fine just as long as you don't invade their territory!


  2. So many cats, so few recipes.


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