Friday, November 23, 2007


Love is...Christmas lights.

The Buffs beat Nebraska this morning and M was in a great mood.

It's all about the up to the roof he went to hang lights.

It's love, I tell ya.

It becomes a neighborhood thing. A competition. Who can get their lights up before anyone else? We came in 2nd place this year...across the street started right after breakfast.

Oh well. There's always next year.

For supper tonight we'll forget about the turkey and have baked eggs. Baked eggs and champagne. Or champagne and baked eggs. I am hoping to be in my jammies by 6:00pm, watching something on TV other than football. Last night we broke out Miracle on 34th Street, which some of M's students had never seen.

So fun.

Back to tonight. Alex is at KeKe's's his birthday, so they're going to dinner and a movie. I'm assuming a sleep-over will be worked out later tonight, too. Brian is playing over at a neighborhood friends house and Matthew is out with Jen.

It's all quiet on the western front.


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  1. Was just over that xerxes' house. He doesn't have any Christmas lights or decorations up yet. We don't have an outside electrical outlet in front, so can't put that lights that Matt really wants (you know, the kind like the Griswald's have). We have one tree upstairs that's done, one more to get done downstairs.


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