Thursday, November 29, 2007

All Done

For a grand total of $83.89, Matthew has a running car.
With a new clutch, brakes and oil change.

Can't beat that!

The best part for me was this morning.
He officially moved out.

Of my car.


The kid is great, but he is a slob.


So, today begins the madness. It's all fun, but it's's concert season, beginning with Alex's concert tonight. He'll be the shaggy haired kid playing the drums in the back. The one who is dreaming of a basketball court, but has parents who made him sign up for band.



  1. What Alex has not figured out yet is that band has girls in it. Girls you go to band camp with, girls you go on bus trips with, girls you march with. Once he figures this out band will look far better than basketball!

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  3. Sooooo what happned to the last few posts, did the cats eat them??


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