Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 1

Today is the beginning of NaNoWriMo and according to their guidelines, I need to write 1, 667 words. 1,667 words per day, in order to reach the 50,000 word goal.

I already have writers block. It's not a good sign.

So instead of writing, I am dreaming of Boulder today...dreaming of when my boys were small and the highlight of each day was racing out to meet the gang at the playground. Back to the time where we had no money, but didn't really need much. Back to the time when we had no mortgage and only one car...and while it wasn't easy, it's funny how different things seem when you look back. Simpler.

My boys are growing up. And for a little while this morning I am going to be sad.

Last night was fun, but different for us. Matthew's friends stopped by and hung out for awhile. Alex and his friends were out in the neighborhood. Michael was suddenly in charge of a bunch of 9 year old boys, because their dad's didn't feel like going out, so he had them hopping! (M did call at one point and said that usually he does this after a few cocktails!) I stayed home and helped hand out candy...lots and lots of candy. I missed our normal big party...lots. So next year we are back on...God willing! Brian scored some banana laffy taffy, which he gladly handed over. YUM!
Brian was the talk of the school, which is exactly what he wanted. Sigh. He was so funny as a cheerleader...dancing and singing. Last night people kept giving him extra candy for having such a great costume. What a crazy kid. Fits in well with this crazy house. =0)

So, now on to today. I have an appointment this afternoon, and I am hoping to get clearance to drive. Don't tell, but I have to drive tonight no matter what. Matthew has a show (he's bussed over), Alex has to be at the same show (he's not), and Brian has a soccer play-off game. All at the same time! M will take Alex and stay for their show. I will take Brian, and once there I can sit and watch. We'll eat Italian Beef sandwiches in shifts beforehand so everyone will get fed. I'm thinking Brian and I will swing by Nick's after his game and pick up a pizza to surprise the guys with when they get home later...they'll be cold and hungry.

Besides, I miss my friend Hector!

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