Saturday, November 3, 2007



Peanut butter cup cupcakes.

I'd offer to share, but the vultures ate every last one. (Except for the 1 I hid away for later!)

Our weekend isn't feeling a whole lot like a weekend. M was at a festival with his choir all day and went straight to a concert this evening. Matthew has slept the day away and is currently throwing things around...I mean cleaning up his room. Alex has been in and out and is now at open gym playing basketball. Of course. Brian had a play-off game this morning (they lost) and is now at his friend Jack's house for spaghetti and a movie...I'll pick him at 9pm. I ventured out on my own today and have held myself to only 2 mindless hours of television. I am just about done with least I hope!

Speaking of Brian....he is going to play All Stars (soccer) this winter, and has decided to give up basketball. He's found his thing and we'll run with it....I guess all those years of having big brothers kick balls at him from the end of the hall has payed off.

Out with the warm with the cold outdoors!

Should be fun!


1 comment:

  1. Rachel likes the cupcakes and loves peanut butter. She wants the last one!

    How about some flop??? (some might ask what flop is - ask Michele)


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