Friday, March 10, 2017

Hey March!

And just like that, another month has gone by.  I blinked and it was over!

I've logged almost 100 miles on the trails in the last month...I'm finding that a long hike late morning helps clear my brain and makes me feel like my work life isn't winning.  I'm still struggling with things that are happening at my place of work and trying to find my new normal...and laced up shoes and fresh air are a big help.

That guy that I like so much came down with a horrible case of the flu, as did a few of my boys.  I became a mad woman, disinfecting everything that was in front of me.  Finally....FINALLY, everyone turned a corner just as this quarters shipment of bubbly arrived.  Perfect timing.

Lunch, while working.

Dinner, while not.

We had a strange, severe storm blow through and had so many broken trees and flooding all over these parts.  It was crazy....we hunkered down but it felt like the big bad wolf was huffing and puffing and trying to blow our house down.

So. Much. Rain.

But So. Much. Green.

A Saturday morning coffee with a girlfriend in Laguna.  The beach in the winter is so perfect...empty and quiet.  But then again, the beach in the summer features warm sand and my toes love that so much more.

I'm in love with rae dunn, love, love them.  Cute sayings, a funky (I guess some would say organic?) shape that hold a lot and are easy to drink from.  I'm on a constant hunt for them because they are so cute!

The ultimate, wad them up and throw them in your suitcase tuxedo shirts for that guy that I like so well as one of our boys who also lives in a penguin suit.   These are really only for travel and aren't cheap...but I like anything that can be thrown in the washing machine.

I wish our dog could be...he's pretty smelly right now.

I dropped my work phone and thought that meant I could take the day off.  No such luck.  Good news?  I got a new one.  Bad news?  Lost everything.

Such a bummer.

The youngest of our houseful of boys is home for Spring Break and I'll be honest, his hours of operation are doing me in.  His 'day' literally starts at 10:00pm and because I am a mother, I hear everything.  

But he's cute and I like him a lot and can't believe he's almost done with his first year of college.  Still on the pre-med track and doing well!

Sunday after church in a town 30 miles away and who do we run into but our neighbors.  It's a small world, friends....also known as 'you can run but you can't hide'.


That guy that I like so much has also been on Spring Break and so we lunched at Disneyland.  Mr Toad's is still one of my very favorite rides.

We took Brian to dinner at Nick's and splurged on dessert...they have the best spumoni.  And the best food.  And the best servers.  And the best everything.


The garden has been planted and we had our first supper outside last night and tonight, we will again. It's a bit chilly but it's coming party season is coming.  I can feel it...and I'm ready.

And those yellow poppies?  Dreamy.

The oldest of our houseful of boys makes the BEST, he's super cute.  Still teaching music, still playing trumpet and now he's a master baker.  

And not to be left out...but boy #2 is around too but I just haven't taken a recent picture of him.  Still working as an apprentice electrician for a construction company,  going to school,  dating his high school sweetheart. 

I blinked and they all grew up on me!

And that is that...all the pictures from my phone.  I'm still cooking (and cleaning) and walking the dog and parenting grown boys, working my way (slowly) through the book of Ruth and trying to work a normal work day.  I love that it is Lent and I'm trying to be more intentional about praying because sadly, my prayer life hasn't been all that great.  Hiking's usually quiet and still.  I am calmed by the faithfulness of God and that he never wanders or waivers, unlike comforting is that?

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