Monday, October 10, 2016

Changing Seasons

And just like that, the seasons change and the nights where we can sit at the table enjoying a bottle of wine and reading the fun catalogs start coming to an end.  I've always been extremely protective of that guy that I like so much's time...he's never been in a 9 to 5 job and so the crazy hours and nights and weekends and are a mystery to many.  But when he's in the midst of the 'crazy season'...known to most as the holiday season, I become the 'no' guy.  Or gal.  His time off is precious and when he gets a rare night off, he needs to be this little house on our little street.

And so, that season has begun again.  And this time it's different too because I'm not running a bunch of places chasing boys here and it'll be a new season for me as well.

But the other night, we had quiet.  And it was glorious.

I've been taking long walks around the neighborhood lately.  The hiking trails are still too hot and too snake infested but my neighborhood never ceases to amaze me.  It's just...pretty.


Trying to schedule a trip for work in the middle of hurricane season is complicated and watching a hurricane from afar had me so worried for my team there.   West Palm Beach fared better than expected and aside from lots of heavy wind and rain and power outages, everyone is doing well.

Scary stuff, those big storms.  Scary, scary stuff.

That guy that I like so much had a morning off and so we headed to the happiest place on earth for a little mouse therapy.  The weather was warm but not too warm and this is just such a pretty time to go to the park.  We're nerdy and love to just stroll and look at the flowers and eat lunch and ride a ride or two...and as of now, it's still worth it for us to have annual passes.


An accidental picture on my phone but it's not so accidental at all!  I love this look and am thinking it would look so pretty in the garden someday.  Maybe?

We ate lunch at the Mexican place (because Mexican food is ALWAYS a good idea) and then went on the haunted mansion.  It ended up being the perfect 2 hour long lunch break before we both headed back to work.


Friday night we opened the garden...I cooked (chicken, pasta with pesto, a BIG salad, lots of french bread) and did a whole bunch of last minute text message invites.  I think some get put off that I do it that way but sometimes I just don't know how work is going to go or if we'll even be home...but I love the whole last minute Friday night thing.  Everyone is tired from the week and looking forward to their weekend and it just seems a casual, fun way to end out the week.  

Anyway, Brian showed up with all his roommates and Alex brought his whole crowd, plus a few neighbors...all in all, I think there were 20 that came to eat.  It was all last minute and totally not fancy but it ended up being such a fun,  exactly what I had hoped for,  night.

I finally pulled out the Halloween decorations and made my way over to our little pumpkin patch so I could buy a cornstalk for the front porch.  I normally do a bale of hay as well but this year I have no man power home to move the big cypress tree (which is growing in a pot) to the backyard.

So one cornstalk and 5 pumpkins later and I was all set.

Today I worked but it was eerily in I kept checking tomake sure my phone was still working.  I'm glad, since I drove soooo much this LA on Saturday to visit a high school friend and then to LA again yesterday for the Ram's game.  Tomorrow I have a conference call and a meeting and I'll be out and about all day, so today I just worked from home and made a slight dent in the pile of paperwork that was sitting on my desk.  

It always feels good to be almost caught up.


I also made dinner...chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, but I didn't count so for all I know it's chicken with 73 cloves of garlic.  Close enough.  Unless you're a vampire...pretty sure we're safe tonight.


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