Saturday, August 6, 2016

I've Been Quiet This Summer

This summer is a summer of transition for me and through it all,  I've been quiet.  I've had lots of words but they haven't been written...but they have been spoken.  And prayed.  And cried.  And laughed.

This summer has been one of crazy busyness but also of rest.


There was the whole thing where I turned 50.  And then shortly after, that guy that I like so much and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  I had a high school reunion in there and more garden parties that I can count...some big, some small, some in my garden and some in others.

Transition.  We are in transition.

The youngest of my houseful of boys graduated high school in June and he is moving into his dorm exactly 7 days from today.  It's just so strange, this time of life.  This time of transition from having a houseful to this time of empty nesting.  

I'm still figuring out how I feel about all of it.

We road tripped this summer so that I could reunite with my high school friends.  I may have written this before, but I was the girl who left town the day after I graduated.  I never once looked back for 30 years (!!!)...but high-tailed it from point A to point B.  From the life that was to the life that was waiting for me...and that life involved a boy that I would marry pretty quickly and a baby that I would hold not so long after that.

I had a plan...but God had a bigger plan.  His plans are always better anyway.

We reunited and it just wasn't enough time with the girls from way back when.  They say that you can't go back but you know what?  You can.  You really can.

That guy that I like so much and I turned the whole reunion into a big road trip...a visit with his parents and with mine and then threw in a few nights of just us in a place that we love so much.

I've just felt like we've needed alone time so much this summer and God smiled and said 'yeah, you do'.  So we've run with it and had some fun.

 There were wineries to visit and a beach to walk and pokemon to catch...because hello?  Pokemon Go?  The best app of all time.


The whole house was purged this summer...bags and bags of junk were carted off for goodwill and it feels. so . amazingly. great.

We needed that to happen and instead of just talking about it, we made it happen.  

So how come I want to shop now???


So that's about it.  Nothing major happening around these parts but yet, lots of major changes happening around these parts.  I'm back at work after a tiny summer off and my job has changed quite a bit...and I'll be honest, I'm more than a little worried about that.  My boss retired and a new one is on board and,'s just different in a way that I'm not so sure about.  But college tuition payments mean that we need to work really hard right now...and so we're working really hard right now.

Just like everyone else in the free world.


 The Olympics are on and I've got a houseful of 20 somethings here watching.  I love this little house and that it's 'the' house...that it's just a gathering place for the boys and their friends.  I still dream of a fixer-upper farmhouse on lots of land but God has a whole 'nuther plan for us, so here are planted in the middle of SoCal...and that's ok.  


I'm heading on a work trip to Florida for a few weeks and need to get back in the habit of writing here in this space.  There's just so much I have to say and none of it is life changing but's stuff I want to remember.  I've missed writing and am ready for a regular schedule again.  Kind of, anyway.

How has your summer been?  I'd love to hear.  



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