Friday, March 18, 2016

A Fun Reunion

The seasons are changing and with that has come this burning desire to get organzied and to clean out cabinets and to paint the house.  I'm hoping that burning desire turns into action to actually do some (or all) of those things but by the time real life enters in, well...I'm just a tad bit tired.

But we did clean out all the books that boys would never (and in all honesty, probably never did) read again and off they went to the used book store.

That bookshelf now holds his shoe collection, so all is well.

Springtime (along with Summer, Fall and Winter) is my absolute favorite season.  The flowers in our part of the world are literally bursting with color and are so very, very beautiful.  

Brian called from school saying he didn't feel well and off we went to our favorite Dr's office.  Two ear infections and one antibiotic later (along with a burger and fries) and he's on the mend...but being sick is just no fun.

Boy #2...the kid who should be earning me hazard pay in the parenting department.  We all need one who keeps us on bended knee, right?

Peaks and valleys.  Peaks and valleys.

Boy #3...he's graduating high school soon and his senior pictures came back with him looking like a grown man.  He keeps me going in the prayer department, too.

Wait a minute...they all do.  I'm still waiting for the moment when they all are running smoothly at the same time so I can get a good night sleep.

I'm sure that will happen soon.  Right, God?


This past weekend, that guy that I like so much was honored for 20 years at his University...there was a huge reunion where lots and lots and lots of past students came together for a concert and a dinner and then a little get together at our little house on our little street.  It was so much fun and seemed to go by so very, very fast.  

I overheard someone talking about how God has given Michael an incredible gift and yes, I believe that.  But I also believe that he has chosen to listen and serve and use that gift and boy oh boy, do I like him.  

And on Sunday afternoon he sat and enjoyed the garden.  On Monday?  Back to the 7 day a week grind.  It's not a glamorous field...or a lucrative one, but he likes it.  


I headed out to my favorite trail this week and the hills are so green and thanks to a girlfriend, I just kept waiting for the teletubbies to come running over the hill.

They didn't...but I did laugh for all 3 miles.

Another week has come to an end and tonight I'm cooking a big pot of chicken cacciatore.  We're going to sit in the garden and share a bottle of wine with whoever ends up walking through the door.  

I'm counting down the minutes.


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