Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Break

That guy that I like so much is on Fall break and we've been having a really fun time just putzing around.  We've discovered some fun new coffee places...local, hole in the wall places that are perfect for people watching and reading and even writing a blog post.


(If you're local to the OC - Alta in Newport is a new favorite.  Try the bueno bowl.)

He's also been cooking fun suppers for us...yum

I front loaded my work week so that I could hang with him as much as possible.  We had tossed around a little getaway but it's homecoming week for the youngest shrub and there is lots going on...that, and college apps are almost ready to send. of the only life stages I WON'T miss?  The college app stage.  The poor kid is a very young senior - he just turned 17...and he's gotta make pretty big decisions about something that isn't going to happen for almost a whole 'nuther year.  Ah  He's got great opportunities, is super (as in exceptionally) smart but isn't sure he wants to leave the nest quite yet.  And I get it.  Totally.

SoCal continues to be HOT and dry and while you're reading reports of massive flooding and mudslides, we continue to be dry.  

We need rain.  Safe rain...the kind of rain that slowly soaks into the ground.

Yesterday we hung out at a coffee place in the morning, wandered around some of our favorite shops in the afternoon and ended up pulling the trigger and buying some much needed furniture.  I made a big pot of soup for supper and it was just one of those lovely, easy days...I wish there were more days like that.  

The laundry is piled 5 miles high and the floors need to be mopped but yesterday was a gift.


I've been challenged in my mothering abilities lately...yet another of my boys is feeling the need to spread his wings.  Two are easy now; one to go.  It's so hard to always have to be a parent when it would be so much easier to just be a friend...but I wasn't hired to be a friend and sometimes that just sucks.

Ah well.  This too shall pass.  I love the relationships I have with each of these boys of mine and am blessed in that department...what a gift to have that.  But seriously...why have they each needed to do stupid things? 

Our olive tree was full of olives this year and after overanalyzing olive info online, I left them on the tree until they turned a glorious shade of purple, picked them and am brining them in a way that doesn't require using lye.

So...the limocello is steeping, the olives are curing and next up?

Christmas fruitcake.


We're heading to a movie this morning, stock up at Costco this afternoon and then to Brian's homecoming football game tonight.  This weekend is blessedly open and clear...the garden is calling my name.  


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