Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Two of us were on spring break this past and the youngest shrub in our little house on our little street.

He pretty much lived at the beach and I pretty much lived on the couch where I binge watched all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls.  I never watched before and oh, I am so glad I finally did.  

In between, we lunched a few times, bought some new shoes and football gear and a few pairs of jeans, and thought about cleaning out his closet.

Key word...thought.

I hiked the brown, dry, dusty hills a few days and for the most part kept my eyes down looking for snakes...and when I allowed myself to look up I was greeted by the most beautiful sky ever.

Again, He whispers.

Look up, Michele.  Look up.

Thanks to SAT testing the college brochures (they sure make them look pretty!) are pouring in for the last of our houseful of boys.  He's not sure where yet but has an idea...all are within a few hours of us which makes my heart happy.  Next year is his senior year and I cannot believe it.'s a changin' around these parts.  

I had grand plans for this spring break but exhaustion, both physical and emotional, won out and you know what?  It felt good to do nothing.  To not move, to not plan (other than meals), to not make any decisions.  My body needed this week and now I'm ready, more than ready, to head back out into the wild blue yonder.

Why is it we feel guilty if we take time to do absolutely nothing?

That guy that I like so much, on the other hand, has been working like a crazy person.  Tis the season for him.  He came home after a big rehearsal with a box of gift cards and I literally was jumping up and down (much needed after sitting on my couch for a week) when he opened it.  How fun is that?'s coming.  I feel it.


Our gardens, both the big one and the little one, are bursting.  I, in a moment of I don't know what I was thinking, planted 6 zucchini plants and my oh my oh my...anyone need zucchini?


And now it's back to real life.  My alarm is set to go off in 20 minutes and even though it is dark outside, the week is beginning and work needs to be done.  That spring break though?  Pretty great.  


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