Monday, January 19, 2015

The Most Lovely Kind Of Weekend... a 3 day weekend.


My favorite time of day is the morning time when the sun shines in through all the (rather dirty and grimy) windows.  Outside, the birds chirp at each other while the animals (of which we have quite a few...but please don't bring that fact up with that guy that I like so much if you ever talk to him in real life) who live inside with us go on high alert.  

This weekend brought the return of son #1, who is an instructor with a drum and bugle corps and needs to come back to town every few weekends to work.  He's the guy on the far right in the baseball cap...the one who is doing the same pose his dad does when he's thinking about something real serious.

The apples don't fall far from the bush.  Or Busch.

Our lime tree...the one we threatened to pull out because each year for 10 years it gave us one lime (yes, that's TEN limes in TEN years) went absolutely over the deep end this year and produced more fruit than we knew what to do with.  We bought this handy dandy squeezer thingy and juiced the last 50 or so limes of the season and after making some rather great caipirinha's and a killer key lime pie, I froze 12 cups of that liquid gold juice.

And now the lemon tree is bursting with fruit.  Southern California, aside from it's real estate prices, is groovy.  Very, very groovy.

I, along with my credit card, was invited out to breakfast with my two oldest boys.  Mom's, and their credit cards, are invaluable (literally) to their children.


Breakfast was at a GREAT breakfast place in Huntington Beach...the Bread Crumb Cafe.  If you go, order a piece of french toast for the'll thank me.  Or's kinda caloric.

But worth it.

The time with those two guys?

Worth every dollar and calorie.

I walked to go get a coffee the other day and stopped to take it all in...the blue sky and the mountains and green grass and the pretty lake and all this is literally in my backyard.  I've been struggling with contentment lately...kind of feeling like maybe the grass is greener on the other side and then wham.  Every step I've taken in the last few weeks God has made it so clear in such bold ways that I have been walking with my eyes closed.

It's so easy to overlook what is right in front of your face, isn't it?

I was called up for jury duty and thought I'd have a relaxing day sitting in a cubby catching up on work and maybe even watching a movie or two.  But no...I was called into a courtroom where the trial was expected to last for 8-10 weeks and I spent an agonizing 5 hours watching the attorneys grill the possible jury.  

They went through 45 people and I was #46 and man oh man...I just didn't want to serve.  The case is a gnarly one...a criminal one and I started to panic at the possibility of missing work and basketball games and a girls weekend that's been planned for months and having to be away from my happy little home for weeks and weeks.  I began texting all my loves...texts of 'please pray I don't get chosen' and finally, FINALLY, I just gave all that anxiety to God.

I knew if I was meant to serve, I would serve.  And the moment I settled into that, they chose a jury and I was sent on my way home at 4:18pm.

I am so very, very thankful...and I also know I would have found peace if I had to serve.  His will is not always my will and I'm glad because my will isn't always so reliable.

Alex has been out of town, Matteo left for his home in another state and so it's just Brian at home today...though he's got basketball and a team lunch.  I'm making a meal for a family that's been sick, catching up on laundry and gearing up for the Bachelor on Tv tonight...because even though I promise myself that I am not going to watch it, I (embarrassingly, sort of) get sucked in each and every time.

Yep, I do.


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