Monday, October 27, 2014

Girls Weekend

Thursday afternoon, while sitting around my kitchen table complaining about how hard we were working, how hard life seemed right now, how we just didn't feel like cooking dinner, my girlfriend suggested a girls weekend.

Ummm...girls only?  For a whole weekend?



We left Friday after work, drove 4 1/2 hours to Arizona and pulled in to her family's campground well after midnight.  The stars were so bright, the air warm, the silence...silent.

We were...camping.  Camping in a trailer, with a bathroom...but still camping.

My plans for the weekend revolved around very few things:

coffee and or tea and or wine.
chips and dips.
girl movies.
a good book.

But plans are meant to change.  By noon on day #1 we were on a pontoon boat cruising the Colorado River toward Lake Havasu.  We stopped all along the way, meeting people, visiting multiple floating bars, experiencing way too many interesting things...some of us swam in the chilly water and some of us just dipped our toes in.

It was an amazingly awesome afternoon spent meeting new people and laughing our heads off with the ones we already know.  

I showered in a shower the size of, well...a kitchen sink.  I've discovered I like the whole trailer camping thing...everything you could possible want is all at your reach.

Watch out, Michael...I'm searching Craigslist.


That night we were invited to the clubhouse...the trailer parks club house, where there was a residents only party happening.  I'm so glad we went...we were able to lower the average age to 75 or so.


Live band, pizza, wine, a rowdy ride on a golf cart, a tarantula sighting (SERIOUSLY!!!!), the Parent Trap with someone who had never seen the original version, chips ahoy cookies...and finally a really great night sleep.

Arizona...aside from the tarantula, I really like you.

Sunday we loaded up and began the trek home, stopping for real food in Palm Springs.  I'm telling you, I cannot go without real food for more than a day.  The whole chips and beer and ice cream thing?

That's just fine, but this mama needs protein.  And carbs.  And a veggie or two.

Once home, that guy that I like so much had supper ready (have I mentioned how much I like him?) and all I can now think about is a long hot shower.

Tomorrow is back to real life but I'm not quite there yet.

Weekends away with girlfriends?  Necessary.  Us females need that time...time to have fun, bust out a couple of moves on the (floating) dance floor, laugh until we can't laugh anymore.

The best part about girls weekends away?

Missing our boys...and coming home to them.


Such a great weekend...minus the tarantula.

Did you know they travel in packs?  That where there is one...well, there are more?

Farewell, campground.  Farewell.


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