Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's Day was spent at the Dr...the youngest shrub has an ear infection.  He's now on meds and is feeling much better.  Poor thing.  

Lunch after, while waiting for the prescription, was an artichoke pizza from Mod Pizza. It's a pretty good and not very expensive and a whole lot healthier than a traditional pizza.  

Plus they have good shakes, which totally makes up for the healthier pizza.

 Valentine's night involved a bottle of champagne and homemade pasta and a few chocolates for dessert.  I think there was a movie being watched, too, but since I had been up all night the night before with Brian, I was asleep by 8:30pm.


And not to be left out...our dog.  The confused dog who is on his FOURTH name in two weeks.

His new name...and it's an original one:



The TP'ers who hit our house this weekend were interrupted by an older brother who came home while they were at it.

I'd run, too, if caught by Alex.


It's always a good day when the neighbors show up with a snack.

Please do it more often.


Baguette plus goat cheese plus basil plus turkish figs equals two adults who weren't hungry for dinner after eating the whole plate.

Utter perfection.


And then the door opened and in walked Matthew!  I hadn't seen him since Christmas and while he was a bit (a bit? a lot!) hairier, it was nice to have him home for a few hours.  


Time goes fast, doesn't it?

That guy that I like so much is working today and Alex is back after 3 1/2 months off.  Brian is off school and I am off work, though I forgot to turn my alarm off and was awoken at 5:30am.  Oops.  Todays going to be a long hike, banana bread baking and bible study finishing kind of day.

Sounds good.


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