Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monday Blues

The first day after vacation has come to a close.  We're all a little tired and, in keeping it real, I broke both the mom AND the wife code, all in one day.  I got super mad at a boy, who deserved it, and handled it with him in one of those memorable, he'll remember how psycho his mother is for the rest of his life, ways.  And then the moment that guy that I like so much walked in the door (after a 15 hour work day), I blasted him with the details of what 'his' son did.


The chicken marsala I made for supper?


My parenting?

Not so good.


On to something happier.

My new favorite snack: greek yogurt, cherries, walnuts and a drizzle of honey.

Oh me oh my oh me oh my.

And this from the girl who (supposedly) doesn't like yogurt???

The weather in Southern California?

A bit different than the rest of the country.  

I hiked in short sleeves, wore flip flops most of the day...but I still need socks in bed.


Stay warm, my friends!

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