Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday in the Garden

My oldest son moved away, stopped eating pasta, ordered decaf coffee last time we were with him and THEN asked me about white wine.

It's all too much.  Too, too much.  I just thought we had raised him better.


This morning was my bible study, followed by a girls only lunch, followed by a load of laundry and a game of cribbage with that guy that I like so much.  And that game of cribbage just might've been accompanied by a bottle of prosecco and a plate of fettunta...which is just a fancy word for toasted bread drowned in olive oil.  

It wasn't long before we began texting a couple different peeps and inviting them over for an improptu garden party and everyone, EVERYONE said 'no'.  Turns out everyone has jobs and are too tired while we are just on this strange schedule called Sabbatical.  Whatever.  We had our own little party, complete with more bubbly, a rather unforgettable supper and quite a bit of dancing.  

When this semester ends, life is going to be not as much fun...until 6 years rolls around and we get to do this all over again.  

I do have to be up and outta here at the crack of dawn for work.  I actually like 10:00am my work day will be over for the day.   I've convinced that guy that I like so much to go on a big hike's supposed to cool down in to the high 80's.  Ugh.  I've heard that cooler temps are coming...fingers crossed that it is soon!

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