Thursday, October 25, 2012

Growing Up

Yesterday, I got in my company car and drove to a managers meeting in LA and as I sat there looking around the room all I could think was, 'how the heck did I become 'management'?'

And then I laughed to myself pretty much the whole time.

The meeting was good.  The lunch they served was good.  The only thing not good was my car, which thankfully is their responsibility, and which is now in the shop, thankfully on their credit card and not mine.  I now have my bosses car while he is traveling and I couldn't help texting him the following message:

WOW.  Power steering.  Windows that roll down (and then go back up).  Cup holders.  A radio.  Nice car!!!


I came home, threw on my running shoes and hit the trail with my girlfriend.  It felt so good to be outside and get in a good workout.  Wait.  What is happening to me????  I like working out????

Anyway, home to my family and a big pot of pasta...and candles and wine and then jammies and a mug of hot tea and Simon Cowell on X Factor.

Can't beat that.


And then the draft resumed and there were boys yelling and hootin' and hollering about their players.  I told them I wanted to have a fantasy football team and was laughed at...I guess it's fantasy basketball and not football.

So much for being the cool mom.


This morning I am going to stick close to home...I have so many phone calls to make and paperwork to do and emails to answer, plus jewelry to ship and laundry to wash and floors to mop.

Supper tonight is probably CORN...clean out refrigerator night.  That guy that I like so much has a rehearsal and Alex has to work, so we'll just all  eat the leftovers from this week...unless I make pancakes.  Pumpkin pancakes.  Mmmmm....that sounds so good to me right now.


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