Monday, October 8, 2012

My Grown Up Boy

My advice to all the young momma's out there...stop what you are doing and squeeze your littles.

Before you know it, your littles will not be little anymore.

When my littles were little, my house wasn't always clean and supper wasn't always cooked by the time supper should've been cooked...but the one thing I did right?

I played with my littles.

That thought makes me happy because now the oldest of my littles is now a grown up.

He's got a dream and he's pursuing it.  I love that.  I don't love that he doesn't eat pasta anymore, but hey, no one is perfect.  


These pics?  LOVE THEM because they totally capture Matthew's personality.

(pictures courtesy of Matthew's friend and my new favorite photographer:  Seriously, this guy rocks.)



  1. nicely said and pictured, Michele! One of the reasons I enjoy your company & miss you is that we share this philosophy of life. :)

  2. well as our faith in Jesus Christ & Him alone!


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