Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Parts

These feet...well, these feet of mine have already logged 37.2 miles on the trails since the 1st of the month.  That would be 37.2 miles in 15 days. Who would've thunk?  My pedi's don't last quite as long now that I spend so much time in running shoes...but you know what?  I don't mind.


Speaking of shoes...the babe of the family is now sporting a rather bright pair himself.  Cool.

My ears...well, my ears are ringing. The Bronco's just finished up a rather spectacular come back and it's pretty safe to say that everyone within a 5 mile radius knows about it thanks to these two LOUD boys of mine.

At least they are happy.


My hands...well, my hands are purty, thanks to my neighbor who gives the best manicures.  Pays to know people...and it seems I know the right people.  Not only does she do manicures, but she does the newest, most special gel ones.  

Win, win.

My heart...well, my heart is convicted.  Full.  Blessed.  Bible study is still challenging me (and not necessarily in a good way) but my heart is open to what is being presented...yet so are my eyes, if that makes any sense at all.

My nose...well, my nose is smelling chocolate chip cookies in the oven.  It's also smelling a stinky gym bag that's been plopped down somewhere near me.  Boys and smell...well, they seem to go hand in hand.



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