Thursday, October 4, 2012

Passing The Time

I was feeling bored yesterday during the middle of the day...I had finished working for the day, the house was in reasonably good shape, Alex and that guy that I like so much were both working, Brian was in school, supper was made and waiting to go in the oven, and the house was too quiet.

I tried to read in the garden, but it just wasn't happening.  Shopping is out of the question...planning a little get away in November and need all my extra $$'s for that right now and besides, I don't like to shop.  



But I was BORED.  

So I threw on my workout clothes and in the 90 degree heat of the afternoon, hit up my favorite trail.  If you are keeping track, that is TWICE this week.  At the beginning there is a huge hill...three songs worth of a hill and then it goes gloriously downhill for a little over a mile.  I actually run down the hill because, well, it's downhill.

On the flip side it is brutal.  Beautiful, but brutal.  Up hill.  Up hill. Up hill.  Up hill.

It felt good, though, and made me feel better about eating french fries with my margarita at happy hour.


(and as you can see...I am a speed demon.  Not.)

In boy news...all's quiet from the boy who lives away, though I do know from stalking him on instagram that he bought himself a cool new trumpet and hiked a mountain last weekend.  Alex is working lots (multiple jobs), going to school and still spending as much time as possible with his tribe.  He's happy...loving the freedom that comes with being out of high school!  Brian is busy...high school has been a big adjustment homework wise.  He's doing really well, though Spanish is giving him a run for his money.  Basketball makes him happy...he's working hard and it's paying off.  

The cats?  Loving the warm weather, the neighbors new bird feeder (it's quite profitable for them.  sigh.) and sleeping on the end of my bed.  They'd be perfect if they swept up after themselves...but who am I kidding, they are perfect no matter what.


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