Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I Like

Italian sodas.  Mix a couple shots of flavored syrups with some bubbly water and you have an instant way to make someone smile.

Especially if you use cherry AND lime together.  With lots of ice.  And a straw.

Suppers around here have been eaten in the garden, usually with a mish mash of boys present.  Boy #1 has been trying to see everyone he needs to see before moving in a week, boy #2 has been saying goodbye to one of his best friends (who is leaving for college) for the last few months (or so it seems), and boy #3 is playing on a club team for basketball...a team that practices at 6:00pm across town.

Good news?  He has older brothers who are willing drivers.

So in an effort to have us all sit down together for at least a few minutes, we eat at weird times.  The food though?  Still summery...things like Italian sausage, peppers and onions served on hard rolls and smothered (for some of us) with gobs of italian olive salad.

I've tried making it, but nothin' is as good as this stuff.  Heaven in a jar.  Give me a spoon and a Real Housewives marathon and I'm a happy camper.


Man, I am really going to miss my oldest.  Most of him anyway.  Not the part that is messy, but all the other parts.

His housing has fallen into place, finally.  He's leaving for grad school in a new city soon.  Not on a jet plane, but in an old Honda.  And it's just weird, that's all.  It's different than going away to's more like going away to his new life, which is what he should be doing.

I just hope his witty texts don't stop.  Or the texts where he wants me to know that I'll like someone or something.  Or even the messages asking me to heat him up food.

The ones where he's having a baby?  Those can stop.


Summer is ending.  Life is changing.  Again.  Keeps me on my toes.  Keeps me praying.



  1. Hey Michele - I decided to finally check out your blog and jewelry websites. Very impressive! Love this post as I feel similarly with all the changes going on in my boys' lives. Our job is to raise them to be responsible adults, but when they begin to start out on their own lives, it's hard -- even though that's goal! Blessings! -- Steven

  2. I have a question--two actually: where do you get the olive stuff? and: have you ever had a salad dressing with green olive, tomato and olive oil vinagarette. I saw a snippet of something about this dressing on Pinterest but cannot find a recipe for it anywhere


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