Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We used to have a set rule...a 'you must wear a collared shirt to church' rule and in fact, in the old days, it was a 'you must be in a matching sweater vest at church because I want everyone to think I am a perfect mom' rule.

These days, I've relaxed.  During the summer, at late service, I just don't care what you wear.  I suddenly realized that it is never a fight to get them to go to church...it's a fight about a stupid collared shirt.  On holidays, I put my foot down.  Every other days?  Jesus loves you, collared shirt or not.

As for their walk?  They all have what I call the Busch Swagger.  Long arms, huge shoulders, BIG personalities.  Each one of them.


Sunday afternoon was a Hallmark movie kind of afternoon while that guy that I like so much read. 

Truth is...I kept catching him watching.  And he says they aren't very good?  Not sure I believe him.



Our very own tomatoes, warm from the vine.  Our very own basil, grown in the garden.  Our very own bread and olive oil, bought from the store.

The PERFECT lunch.

I suddenly had a craving...a BIG craving for an ice cream cone.  Cherries Jubilee, to be exact.  Wasn't too hard to convince a couple of guys to take me for a ride down the street.


I met a girlfriend for lunch today...it's actually the first of three lunches I'll be having out this week!  Gotta squeeze everyone in before summer ends and the craziness hits.  Anywho...I love to park on the roof and hoof it down all the stairs and then back up again after lunch.

Today, though, I had to pause.  Palm trees and an ocean breeze?  


I'm loving Instagram...and I'm loving my oldest son's posts on Instagram.

He's incredibly witty...and smart and thoughtful and fun to be around.  I'm wishing a bit that he was still  little and sleeping in a bunk bed with his younger brother...but I guess growing up was part of the program.  He's moving away in a few weeks to start grad school...back to the smart part?

He gets it from his momma.  OK, so not really.  But I can dream.


I worked for a few hours today, making phone calls and doing some computer work.  My desk is soooo clean...not sure how long that will last, but it feels good to be starting a school year fresh.  I'm holding myself to only a few hours a day while the boys are still sleeping and then the work phone/computer are going off...can't let these last few weeks of summer get swept under the rug.

I'm just not ready for it to be over...yet I'm beginning to think about pumpkins and chili and hay.  Am I crazy????

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