Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Broken Again

That guy that I like so much is a Professor...and not just any Professor.

He's a Professor on Sabbatical.

What's that mean?

For means I get really, really, REALLY yummy lunches prepared for me for the next few months.

I'm sold.


I was craving the smell of cinnamon so I baked up a batch of snickerdoodles.  Before you get overly impressed...I made them from a box, but I did add an egg and some water.  I think that in itself is pretty impressive because when it comes to baking, I am direction challenged.

Back to the cinnamon was lovely.

And this plate of cookies lasted approximately 3.2 hours, mainly because all boys were at the gym when I pulled them from the oven.  Want to extend the shelf life of a food item in this house?  Make it while all males are gone.  Works every time.

Speaking of gone...right before supper there was a last minute plan to go to the pool.  It was hot and even though I like having everyone home for meals, the boys really needed to go and have fun.

Turns out dinners for two in the garden are heavenly.  Quiet music, quiet conversation, quiet chewing of food.

Quiet, quiet, quiet.  Is this what we have to look forward to?  Quiet?

Bring. It. On.


That guy that I like so much, aside form making great lunches, makes a mean sangria.

I'll jot down the recipe next time he makes it and share it because it is so good.  

Today I had lunch #2 of the week out...this time with my besties for a belated birthday lunch for one of them.  So fun to be out and about with them...almost felt like a vacation!

I came home in time to drive Brian to a friends for a sleepover and lo and behold, we found ourselves alone at supper time for a 2nd night in a row.  Matthew is still traveling, Alex was out with friends and so off we went to The Counter for burgers and a beer...not to be confused with last nights burgers and sangria.  What can I say?  It's a burger sort of week.


After, a walk over to Trader Joes where we were tooooo full to buy any food, but obviously we were thirsty.  Or our liquor cabinet was empty.  Or we're having another garden party.

Something like that.

In household news...the 4 year old dryer which cost me $250 to repair last year and then another $450 to repair 3 months ago (and which LG has now denied our claim.  sigh.) is broken AGAIN.


Sounds like metal scraping metal AGAIN.

The LG certified repairman?  He wants $90 to come out and look at it again which means I could have bought a brand new dryer for that money.  Can you see the clumps of hair I am pulling out of my head?

Want to add salt to the wound?

The washer is now making a funky noise.


See the above picture?  Who I am's all for me.

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