Monday, August 6, 2012

Cousin Filled Weekend

Our weekend has come to an end and I am so sad.  We've been packed to the gills with people in our little house on our little street for the last few days and it's been loud and crazy and so much fun.

Sleep, though, has been at a premium.

Napping while boys wrestle all around you?

A gift.


All the cousins on that guy that I like so much's side of the family were here and they all have such a fun time together...the boys have a fun time picking on the girls and the olders have a fun time riling up the youngers.

Its a win-win...unless you are trying to get 9 children of various ages to all smile for one cotton picken' photo.

One photo, people.

I must've taken 25 pictures and in every single one, the oldest children of each family are all smiling.  Their siblings?  Not very cooperative.


I am blessed in the sister in law was hand picked by me (convenient if you're ever able to work that out) and the other, well, she's just a tad bit loony.  But we like her, too.


Sunday afternoon was at our neighborhood beach club, where we grilled dogs and swam and played a few extremely competitive games of bocce.

For the record, girls rule.


We've kicked our s'more making up a notch with peanut butter cups in place of plain chocolate.

One word:


Everyone has to head back to real life early, early tomorrow morning...and I'm more than a little sad.  It's going to be super quiet around here.

Boo hoo.

Happy Monday, was your weekend?


  1. ooooo, those smores look yum-mee!!!I've been wanting smores all summer and we havent had them yet. Maybe this weekend. We don't have many summer evenings left unfortunately. :(

  2. Looks like you had fun! Our weekend was very quiet, but the weeknights are filling up. I went into the city for a Broadway in Chicago concert at Millennium Park. They had songs or scenes from 11 different shows that are coming into town. The grand finale was a performance by Cyndi Lauper. She wrote the music for a show called Kinky Boots, which is doing its pre-Broadway run in Chicago soon. Not sure it will be a family friendly show, but she was great! Tomorrow night is another picnic and concert at Ravinia, with Jean Yves Thibaudet and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing Debussy and Ravel. Wednesday night is a library lecture by a landscape historian on the setting of Downton Abbey. So it's a little bit of everything this week!


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