Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strange Dreams

Last night, too close to bedtime, I made the mother of all sandwiches for a few of my crew.

Are you ready for this?

White bread. Gravy. Turkey. Salt. Stuffing. Cranberry sauce. White bread.

But like I said, I made it too close to bedtime and being that I am now in the old category, if I eat too close to bed I have bad dreams.

And I had the mother of all bad dreams.

I dreamt we were in Europe and my bag was stolen (including my passport) and it was one bad thing after another.

And when I walked out this morning, that guy that I like so much was wearing his airplane shirt, which is basically just a flannel button down shirt that he only wears when he gets on an overseas flight.

Cue the creepy music please.

I handled it well though and went out to pick up donuts...because donuts always make everything better. As long as you don't eat them right before bed.

And why is it that when you look your worst (no make up, still wearing the shirt you slept in, no shower for days, bad hair) that you run into everyone that you know only kinda well?

Kinda well meaning the people you only see like every year or two and they now think, 'wow. she looks horrible...wonder what happened?'

I came home to a happy and surprised 12 year old, who doesn't care (yet) what I look like.

He's just happy that I had brought donuts.


Today is a non-driving day for me...someone has to stay home and guard those donuts.



  1. We must be in sync...my dreams have been similarly strange. I'm blaming them for my snooze button hit this morning and missing running and coffee. oi.

  2. hiya , lol what a funny story and refreshingly honest , nice yo know i am normal , eating just before bed (or anytime really lol) going for a quick shop run not made up and in my pj's and unposed pics of the kida too .................. how real x hope your donuts were safe on your watch ??? tfs i am now following you

  3. Donuts DO make everything better. And those donuts look super duper yummy!!!!

  4. Hey Michelle!
    Your blog was linked up to the Blog Crush Fiesta that I am hosting and I just wanted to tell you that you are wonderful!

    I am not sure what is going on with your son but I do know that when life is impossible and we cant seem to get our head wrapped around anything that we have a loving Heavenly Father that makes it so that we can still move forward.

    If you are needing a little light at the end of the tunnel story you are more than welcome to click over and read My Real Life Story.

    Love your guts

    ps I am totally in lust with your sandwiches.

    pps I live in UT, can you send me one?


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