Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday Again

This weekend was healing...healing in a way that can only be brought about by hibernating at home in my little house on my little street.

I'm thinking bears have the right idea.

Speaking of bears, I was just informed by Alex that bears are the only mammals that don't, ummmm, relieve themselves all winter while they are sleeping.

We googled it and it's true. Glad to know he is learning lots of useful things in school.


Anyway, back to hibernating. Aside from Michael having to attend a billion (ok, 3) recitals and Alex having the spring season opener basketball game (horrible loss) and me dashing out to enter the Wicked lottery (didn't win, but had fun nonetheless), we hung out at home.

And ate warm chocolate croissants.

Of course.

In the midst of our lives being turned sideways, I have been blessed with the gift of sleep. As in close my eyes and fall into a deep and dreamless sleep until morning kind of sleep.

Coming from a chronic tosser and turner, that is amazing. I can almost hear God saying 'she's got enough on her plate...let's give her rest.'

Makes me smile.

Today my regular girls and I went for a long, long, long lunch at our favorite organic restaurant...the one with the cucumber lemonade and the really strange bathrooms where men and women share the sink area and which makes me feel weird that I am putting on lip stuff in front of a man that is not MY man if you know what I mean...and just sat and talked about life.

I think that sentence wins the longest run-on sentence award.


Trader Joe's had daffodils.

And now I do, too.

That's all.


As for Brian's teeth...he has to wear a bionator for the next 10 months for 18 hours a day to help realign his jaw. We've known since his very first dental visit as a toddler that this would be an issue but was something that had to wait until he grew a bit.

It's not fun but could be worse...he does get a 6 hour reprieve each day.


Isn't he cute, though?



  1. Cute video! Reminds me of when a friend had jaw surgery for TMJ & had her mouth wired shut. There were plates on the top & bottom of her tongue, so she couldn't talk/eat at all. We would pretend we would understand her. (Oh, thank you. I know I look beautiful today!) At least he can still eat!

  2. Poor kid! I don't know if I could stand it---but it might be really good for my figure! :)
    Speaking of---I want a chocolate croissant, which would NOT be really good for my figure.

  3. Oh, my! Just the thought of my jaws immobilized gives me claustrophobia! Tell Brian that his courage even showed in that short video...and that his name spells BRAIN if one makes a typo like I just did - but that's another terrific trait I've heard he has: school smarts! (hang in there, Mom - glad to hear you've been given the gift of sleep to help you cope)

  4. ps - what's the name of that 'organic restaurant'? Just back from Croatia holiday, where the food options were either mediocre or too pricey so I ended up cooking in our 'self-catering apartment' in front of a full wall-view of water: the Adriatic!


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