Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My New Love

Have you ever had something that you've refused to try because you just knew that you weren't going to like it?

That's been my story with orange marmalade.

I've hated it for as long as I can remember.

Did I mention that I had never even tried it?

Just the name alone was enough to give me the willies.

Marmalade? Ewww....

Never mind that I love more than anything else all things with candied fruit...even (sorry, people) fruitcake.

Then last week while out to breakfast with my youngest, I accidentally took a bite of his toast that was slathered with orange marmalade.

And rather than curl up and die, I swear I heard a heard angels singing. My life will never be the same again and I actually told that guy that I like so much that if forced to choose between him and my new found love, I'm not sure which one I'd choose.
Hopefully I won't ever have to.



  1. That was cute, how you recorded each bite gone...maybe I'll try that tomorrow at the Scandia House as I eat their indescribeable spelt/blueberry muffin w/Nordic jam & a latte that holds it's lovely leaf design until the very last sip! :-) Would like to learn better photography skills: shall we take a community college course together this summer? (or you could just teach me what you already do, ha)

  2. Love the plate, by the way :-)

  3. My Mike likes orange marmalade. Lately I have been buying crumpets at Caputo's Market and slathering them with different fruit spreads. Their crumpets are sooooo good. I'm out of them right now, but I'll have to get some more on my way home from work this week. After all, there is a royal wedding and a big trip to England coming up soon!

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