Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Spring Breaks have ended as of this morning and all in our little house are back to their various schools.

It ain't easy.

I'm learning that we are family that likes summertime life..I mean, who doesn't...but we REALLY like the non-schedule of summer. Later nights, lazy mornings, long suppers in the garden with friends, and NO HOMEWORK.


Maundy Thursday and Good Friday had us sitting in gobs of traffic on our way to church...something we don't normally deal with on our Sunday morning treks. We had full carloads each night and had fun getting to know new peeps along the way.

Easter Sunday had my family of 5 in 3 different churches...Matthew was hired to play at one church, that guy that I like so much received an SOS call to serve as organist at a friends church (whose regular organist had an emergency appendectomy) and the rest of us went to our home church with an extra student in tow.

I have to say...I have NEVER been to a more beautiful, more meaningful service in my life. He. Is. Risen.

Once home, many napped while others trickled in and we then had one of the sweetest Easter celebrations.

Lots and lots of good food and at one point I stuck my hands into a sink full of warm sudsy water to wash some glasses (one of those things I LOVE...what is it about washing dishes?) and there were quiet conversations happening in the family room and laughter happening at the kitchen table and little ones playing and I couldn't stop the tears from running down my face.

We are so blessed with this simple little life that we have and while it could all change today, I am so thankful for it all.

The good. The bad. The ugly.
Lent is now over and I am changing my thinking from 'what will Jesus do' to 'what Jesus has already done'.

And for me...that is a reminder that while lots has happened in my little house on my little street, all is forgiven by Him. All of it. And if He can forgive the sins of THE WORLD, well, then I can forgive the sins of one my own. To be honest, I was struggling with that. Repentance has happened, forgiveness has been given.

Hope blooms.



  1. how wonderful that you had such a meaningfull and fun filled Easter with your family!

    Thanks for being a new friend at Wonder Woman Wannabe - I always love to connect with fellow mama's of boys!

    Glad to know you've enjoyed the interview series. :)


  2. As this, just love it. Hope DOES bloom (and so do 4 letter words that aren't hope bloom on Sundays...eekkkkk). Such beauty in that little house in which you live. Always a joy to bask in its beauty. He is Risen!!

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  4. Did your package arrive yet?? It was sent a week ago today!


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