Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Romance is in the Air

Yesterday we celebrated our wedding anniversary...24 years!

I'm finishing up last minute crossing guard visits, plus I worked Brian's greek olympics at school...but I did throw together a little lunch for that guy that I like so much.

He's worth it.


And then after working some more, we met up on Balboa Island for dinner at Amelia's...a little Italian place that used to be a little house.

We then strolled the tiny island, staring into the windows of all the cute little cottages while that guy that I like so much tried to talk me out of getting rid of our yellow walls.

I listened intently.

And the sun set.
And the boats bobbed.

Not wanting to go home quite yet, we headed over to the Lido...an old time movie theater. The kind with the box office out front and a balcony inside and a guy who stands up front and introduces the movies before they start.

It's cool.
We donned 3D glasses and laughed thru Toy Story and then stopped at the donut shop to pick up donuts for breakfast for the boys.

And then we came home and gave the cat her antibiotics and then cleaned up the floor after she barfed everywhere.

Glad I shared?


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