Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pretty Kitty

A few years ago, I gave that guy that I like so much a gift.


Cute, furry, lovable gifts that we named Maggie and Mollie.

(which, btw, I have some advice. IF you have a loved one who is anti-pet, only give them a pet (or pets) if you are very secure in your relationship. That is all.)


Anyway, a few years ago we brought our little kitties into our lives (and hearts) forever.

(No matter what that guy that I like so much says....)

Our kitties are indoor/outdoor cats. Yes, we have coyotes where we live. Yes, it is probably safer for them to stay indoors with us. BUT, and this is a big BUT, we live in a 1200 sq ft teeny tiny little house with a bunch of people who are always going in and out and a back door that is always wide open.

So the cats go in and out too.

(but they sleep inside, right at the feet of that guy that I like so much. he loves that.)

(ok. maybe he doesn't. but they still do it.)

Last week, Mollie came home with an owie on her paw. I held a neighborhood consult (it's what we do round these parts) and it was decided that peroxide should be applied and a wait and see attitude adopted.


But then it didn't seem to be getting better. 'Nother neighborhood consult and the vet was called.

Cat is shoved into a crate and covered with a towel. She is then loaded into the back of a car and proceeds to make sounds no human should ever have to listen to while we drive the 3 miles to the vet.

Twasn't pretty.

That guy that I like so much borrowed my camera.

I love that they put her name on the prescription bottle. Like I told that guy that I like so much...she's a real member of our household because they put her name on the bottle.

(he wasn't impressed.)


No steak for daddy this Father's Day.

(that went over well, too.)
They had to shave her leg and she is so embarrassed. Poor kitty. OH...and she was bit by another cat. Not nice. Not nice at all.
We expect a full recovery.


Any tips on how to give a cat antibiotics? The vet said she would love the stuff and lick it right up.

The vet was wrong...and we've got the marks to prove it.



  1. Ok, I'll be the first to say it. The best kind of cat, is a dead cat. Yep, I'm a cat lover - NOT. With allergies, we won't have a dog, either. (plus, it's another mouth to feed, plus vets bills) So, we'll stick with the 6 adorable and entertaining foxes in the backyard. They catch their own food, too. :-)

  2. How are you doing with the administration of the drops?? Have you tried adding it to a bit of wet and delicious cat food? I once was cat and dog sitting and I had to give one of the cat insulin shots and to get her to sit for it, I would resort to the wet food.

    I am glad she will recover. Good news.


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