Friday, June 11, 2010

A Night Of Culture

Last night we had tickets to see the musical The Lion King.

Some were thrilled. Others weren't.

OK...Brian and I were thrilled. The rest were thrilled that dad's phone could keep them up to date on the play-off game.

But they are good sports and they like their mama, so they played along.

At least until I tried to get a new photo of the three of them...excuse their clothes. They dress themselves. I give up.


I love this one...M stepped in and gave a little lecture on smiling when your mother asks you to smile.

Good try, honey.


Even if hte pictures aren't, the show was FABULOUS.

Even more fabulous? Wicked is coming back next year...and so is Mama Mia.



  1. It's been awhile since I've had a Wicked "fix." It's coming to Milwaukee this summer and Chicago this December. Hmmmm...maybe I'll try the ticket lottery and see it for something like the 14th time.

    Of course, the three Gleeks in this family are waiting for the big announcement about next year's GLEE tour. They're supposed to do something like 60 concerts...somewhat bigger than this year's 8 concerts in 4 cities. Kate just saw them here in Chicago and said the cast was great, and she got to meet the guy who plays Finn. She'd go again in a heartbeat, although going to England might change those plans : )

  2. What a riot!! The pictures are perfect-every one of them. They are just young men, aren't they? When did Alex get so tall?
    Yes, the play-off game. I have been TIVO-ing the games and watching them in their entirety, fast forwarding through the commercials. Tomorrow night is game 7 and I have my final choir rehearsal. TIVO, here I come. The Lakers must win. They must. The games have been great. What do your men think of them. Do you watch? When you are not actually attending a musical, that is.
    I have not been to the theater in over a year. Not good.


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