Saturday, June 26, 2010

24 Hours

In the last 24 hours:

My oldest packed up (after being home for an entire 6 hours) and left on tour. He'll be back again Monday (for a few hours) before heading out again.

Thus is the life in a drum and bugle corps.

My middle had surgery on his knee.

Not fun. Not fun at all.

The highlights: a DVD (which that guy that I like so much watched) of the surgery and the fact that things looked better in there than what they originally thought. God is good.

The lows: 8 hours of non stop vomitting. Too much info? Sorry, but it was ROUGH. Poor kid has been thru so much, but he FINALLY fell asleep and slept all night long. God is good.

(and this morning, he is being wickedly hilarious about it. Man, I love my boys.)


My youngest, who slept at a friends because his oldest brother is on tour and his middle brother had surgery, got picked up and had a little mom time involving a bucket of frozen yogurt topped with even more sugar.


(and fyi...he only ate a few bites. it looked better than it!)
Just had to share this clock that was in the hospital.

And did you know that if you are allergic to tetanus, you can't have botox? And how many people are allergic to tetanus anyway?

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  1. Was it the medicine that made him sick? Poor Alex, and poor mom!! Let me know if you need something!! My post worked!!! :0) I can comment!!!


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