Thursday, June 3, 2010

End Of An Era

The other night, after 14 rather amazing years, we all walked the 1 block up the street to our very favorite elementary school for our final Open House.

Also amazing was the fact that my 5 were all together.

I like that.


My 16 year old put this truck (full of food) on his birthday list and made my soda come out of my nose.

He's good at making that happen.

He said nothing in the world would make him more happy than to have the smell of burgers frying in a truck parked outside his house all day long.

Where oh where did he come from???
My somewhat bald 6th grader...that's 3 weeks of growth on his head. The things that happen while grandma and grandpa are in charge...
Matthew outside the classroom where THIS happened.

My oldest two with their favorite 3rd grade teacher, who is retiring this year. I told her she was allowed since my 3 were all done at the school.

After, we watched The Bachelorette...they were trying to act nonchalant but trust me, they were totally in to it and cannot wait until Monday's episode.

I know because they told me.

The first jewels from the summer garden!

(and I am stressing about my tomatoes...I just don't feel like 21 plants is going to be enough, but it's too late now...)
Finally...a treasure from Italia.

Because everyone should have a leaning tower of Pisa bottle of Limoncino.


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