Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What A View

This morning, bright and early, I was down near the beach. Early is a relative 7am I had already made breakfast for 2, lunch for 1, packed a backpack for 1, folded a load of laundry, made a pot of coffee, unloaded the dishwasher, and put on eyeliner.

The eyeliner part is a crucial step, you know. Especially after lunching with my sister in law right before Christmas. She kept looking at me and looking at me and must've uttered, ' look exhausted' about a dozen times.

I almost threw my quiche at her.

The deal was...I was actually feeling rested.

After an hour or so, she exclaimed (rather loudly, I might add) 'you aren't wearing eyeliner!!!!'

' I gave it up. I work with crossing guards now at the crack of jack and gave up on eyeliner. Also, I am old. No more eyeliner.'

' look...'

At the point that she was about to say the word EXHAUSTED (yet again) an older woman behind me turned around and said, 'honey...the eyeliner should never go. Not until the day our Lord and Savior walks the earth again.'

So there you go. Up at the crack of dawn and wearing eyeliner.


Anyhoo, early this morning I started visiting guards near the beach and worked my way home...and at the top of the hill I could see the ocean in my rear view mirror and snow capped mountains in front of me.

Man, my eyeliner and I love where we live.



  1. Love my eyeliner...and eye shadow, mascara, foundation, concealer, and pink lipstick! Without it I would even look worse than I do some days with dark eye circles and blotchy skin. A girl's gotta take care of herself!

  2. My eyeliner days are over. There's nothing worse than seeing an 'old' person with wrinkles, creases & crevices wearing eyeliner. It just doesn't work! I never, however, forget my mascara!

  3. I am just a Clinique moisturizer, lipstick and mascara person. Unless it is a weekend church day-I don't want to possibly scare the parishioners.
    I miss CA. The beach and the mountains with snow. It doesn't get better.


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