Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Is...

This morning I woke up to poached eggs on french bread, courtesy of that guy that I like so much.

I love poached eggs on french bread.

I also woke up to the worlds chattiest 11 year old, who is also courtesy of that guy that I like so much.

I love my 11 year old. Chatty or not.

I then proceeded to sit in my pajamas for the next, ummmm, 4 hours or so....I finished a book, answered emails, watched a Hallmark movie (Ice Dreams...kinda painful) and played some Dr Mario.

I love days like this.

But it gets even better.

That guy that I like so much ran to the store for dinner stuff, cleaned the backyard and lowered all the pictures in the hallway exactly 1 inch.

I made the list, talked to a neighbor and sat on the couch. Respectively.

That guy that I like so much then made me a cocktail and asked me to dance.

I sipped and said 'yes'.

I eventually showered and made chicken scaloppine, rice and roasted asparagus for supper, though I am currently back in my pj's, sitting on my couch and watching a movie. (Star Trek, chosen by that guy that I like so much...he's owed.)

Pretty sure this has been the best Saturday ever.



  1. He made you breakfast and danced with you? I'm trading in mine.

  2. Mine vacuumed, watered the plants, and did the dinner dishes today : )

  3. Why did all the frames need to be lowered by 1"?

  4. Because they were all just a tad bit too high. =0)

  5. What a great Saturday! Mine wa great because we got enough snow that I did not have to drive in to work. I only had to play for the Vigil Mass and Jim, the liturgy person who lives only 15 minutes from church and has an all wheel drive car took it for me.


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