Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can I Be A Cat?

Sometimes, I get jealous of my cats...mainly because they get to nap in the sun.

And because they do not have to deal with crossing guards gone wild. Six of my guards (out of 38) were evaluated yesterday afternoon and all six failed certification...all six. (one was talking on her cell phone, one abandoned ship 15 minutes early, yet another was so busy talking to everyone that kids were crossing themselves. SIGH.)

Not good. Not good at all.

After finding out about it this morning, I just wanted to nap in the sun without a care in the world. Who am I kidding...I might be back to napping in the sun if my ship doesn't repair it's leaks.


Maggie...in her current favorite spot:
I picked Alex up from school...it's finals week so he was done at 10:15am this morning, and off we went to visit the orthopedist. As long as he is taped/braced, he is good to go, so I have a very happy basketball player now.

And a very worried mom. But oh well, what's new.


We then made a little detour to Sprinkles, because it's free cupcake day. And who doesn't love a free cupcake? (Oh...and today I had orange. Probably my new favorite.)

Our sunny day has suddenly become overcast and chilly...I am heading out to work with my guards. Again. Tonight I am meeting some friends for dinner...homemade chicken pot pie for the male crew here at home.

And below is Mollie. We call her our dog...she sleeps with all four paws in the air, follows me everywhere and loves me most of all. Sigh.



  1. Cats DO have it made. True. Unlike your crossing guards-who have nothing 'made!' Have you thought about some sort of shock therapy for them, perhaps? Good luck with them.
    Sprinkles? It would seem that there are a number of places I need to come back and experience...
    Hope you are surviving the rains. High here is in the 30s today.

  2. Or as much as cats can love you...


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