Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Last night I sat on a stool and watched Michael cook his famous pasta for supper, sipping wine (both of us) and talking with our two oldest...who both could use a shave.

And while they were obnoxious and loud and crazy, I sat, sipped and drooled. (and ordered somethin' kinda fun!)
The boys looked like this when I went to bed and yes, I let Alex use my laptop. He's probably updating my status in this picture, which I didn't know about until this morning.

Gotta love the middle child.

That guy that I like so much was on the road bright and early this morning (6am), just like the old days. We all slept in and met him at church at 11am...worshipped and then handed Matthew the keys to my car, gave them a credit card and sent them on their way towards home.

M and I hopped into his cute little car, put the top down and drove west on a rather beautiful winter day.
Drove to his favorite mexican-on-the-beach spot, which has sawdust covered floors.
And a killer view.
Yep...Taco Surf. Home of a GREAT taco tuesday (which would've been great if it was a Tuesday, but it wasn't) and amazing tacos. tacos and shredded beef tacos. Yum.
Ate, hopped back in the car and drove home.
Nothing like a 1 hour date on a Sunday afternoon.



  1. 75 degrees in the afternoon? It's 8 degrees now, with a wind chill of -5. Want to come for a visit?

  2. Ask my dad about tacos...


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