Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All Caught Up

I've got one week left to spoil my oldest son before he returns to the big, harsh, cold world out there...not sure he looks at it that way, but his momma likes to think that there is no place like home.


Sunday morning that guy that I like so much played once again for church (2 weeks in a row!) and convinced not only Matthew, but another student (Natalie) to play trumpet and sing (respectively) together.

They agreed (and did a wonderful job...even while the lady who fainted was being tended to) for the price of lunch.

At Portillo's.

My three sons.

All clean and pretty smelling.
Miss Natalie, who will graduate this year and leave all of us behind. Does that never end?
I've been working lots...and cooking lots.

Things like baked eggs...
...and a freezer now full of chicken stock.
Our winter weather has been gorgeous, though the nights are cold...but now that I am holding a plane ticket in my sweaty little hand, it was time to break open the limoncello, knowing I can buy more in just a short little while.

And to the friend who lent us the heat lamps for our long ago Christmas party...yes, I am returning them to you this week.

(and thank you!)

Yesterday found me at the mall...I had to return FOUR PAIRS of basketball shoes, two to Sears and two to Sport Chalet. And hello...Sears is having a blow out sale on Levi's, so if you have sons who wear Levi's...well, they are on sale.


But then I found myself wandering, so after a quick phone call to my two trusty girls, I had a lunch date.

A lunch date that lasted 3 1/2 hours!!
At one point the ladies behind us turned around and joined right in to our conversation...too funny!

And the bread pudding at Pacific Whey is excellent...and a third of the calories as eating it alone.

The things girlfriends do for you.



  1. What a great Sunday! Good looking boys there. When does Italy happen? I am envious-I love Italy. Friday I leave for my Christmas 'break.' Not the same as Italy, that is for certain.

  2. Your sales tax is 1% more than here. But, if you go by my parents, the sales tax is 10% (or maybe more, if you add the entertainment tax for restaurants). It's the highest in the country. Want to come live here???


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