Thursday, January 28, 2010

Needing Comfort

Chicken and biscuits...the ultimate comfort food.

And let me tell you, I need comfort.

I feel like I am failing miserably at my job, which is a new feeling for me. So I am frustrated, but after sitting at my kitchen counter and whining and complaining, that guy that I like so much looked at me and asked, 'so how are you going to fix it?'

And I know what I need to do...and I'm gonna do it.

So there.


For the BIG news and the real reason I need comfort...I cut my hair. Well, I didn't. Monica did. Six inches off and (GASP)...BANGS. they are long bangs. But still, they are bangs. And I haven't had bangs in a decade.

What's the world coming to?


  1. Do you love your new hair? That is all it takes sometimes to be able to 'do what needs to be done!' Goood for you-very cool. You will take care of this situation. 'we will wait to hear what is going to happen. And the chicken and biscuits.....I could practically smell it!
    Say hi to the guy.

  2. I follow the anonymous comment with annother that will let you know that it is Kathy making that comment from the freezing East Coast!!! The wind chill this morning is in the single digits. Not right.

  3. My comfort foods are Lattes, scotch, and oatmeal raisin cookies.


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