Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why I Am Mother Of The Year.

Update...please view the following link which proves that I truly AM Mother of the Year.

(thanks, Cheryl!!!)



I am Mother of the Year.


If there is any question about that....just ask.  My kids'll back me up.

I've earned my title, especially in the last 24 hours.

We had Costco pizza for supper last night.  Physical therapy for Alex ran long, so for $20 I had two ginormously large (and as mother of the year, I get to make up all the words I want) hot pizzas in my car (and a hot dog for Alex who was starving and couldn't wait for the ginormously large pizza...but hey, I am Mother of the Year...so go ahead and eat both) that were large enough to feed my 5 plus a few stragglers.

I then made Brian's lunch last night and in it I put some of the ginormously large leftover pizza...cuz leftover pizza in a lunch totally rocks.

Breakfast rolls around and Bri (who asks for things like eggs benedict and homemade waffles for breakfast every morning...he's a 3rd child) heats himself up a piece of pizza.  Yum.

Off to school with his pizza lunch, I remember that he and his dad have an event at school tonight...and guess what they are serving for dinner?


Four back to back meals of pizza.  Perfect.

As Mother of the Year, I also get to address my court.  And refer to them as 'you people'.  And do it in a 'crazy psycho muttering - yes - I've become my mother' sort of way and carry on for oh...like an hour or so.  And then repeat it over and over until someone cries Uncle.

As in...YOU PEOPLE keep leaving all your stuff all over my house and I am so tired of picking up after YOU PEOPLE and I am going to start throwing it all away and then YOU PEOPLE will be like those children who have nothing and I will be happy because I won't have to pick up after YOU PEOPLE anymore and when YOU PEOPLE come crying to me about not having any shoes to wear I will tell you that I have sent them to the poor children who would appreciate them since YOU PEOPLE obviously do not.

Or somethin' like that.


  1. I just snorted with laughter in my cubicle after reading this....glad I'm not in the category of "You people". whew! Cheers to the mother of year! :)

  2. You know you are supposed to honor your mother,not push her under the bus! :-p

  3. I saw on CNN that your were named Mother of the Year! I sent a copy of the online video to your e-mail. Maybe your boys should see it! Enjoy ;)

    I am also mom of the year, I guess!!
    Also, YOU PEOPLE need to get it together

  5. ...crazy psycho muttering - yes - I've become my mother...

    Quick - run for the hills!



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