Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Birthday Day

Saturday morning, Brian opened the front door and saw that we had been hit.
Cups of water on the front porch...
...and trees covered in white!
In our area...TP'ing is huge.  HUGE.  I must admit, I love doing it and have learned the best toilet paper to use (costco brand) and the how to get it way way up high in the trees (stand on the end and toss, underhand, up up up).  And yes, I have been caught and forced to clean up...but not very often.


This was a definite 5th grade job with nothing over 5 feet high...can't wait until next weekend!  We know exactly who we are going to do next!
After clean up, there was some ping pong...the newest trend in our little house.
We then loaded up and hit the road for basketball.

My middle son, trying to be funny, asked if it was my 60th birthday.

Yes, it was my birthday.  No, I am not 60.  Yes, you can walk.

I did feel like his team might need him, so we swung around and picked him up.
And this time, he told me 'happy 35th birthday, mom'.

Presents?  Yep...and all in yellow.  Lots and lots of flowers and limoncello and a brand new panini maker!
We weren't home for long...Matthew had a concert, so off we went to the college.  And he was brilliant, I might add.

Home to supper cooked by that guy that I like so much...I just sat at the bar and had a cocktail.  And talked.  Lots.
Nothing like a guy who cooks.
My very favorite pasta...YUM.
The true excitement happened after supper, when the cats brought me this for my birthday.  I was pretty sure it was a snake...which just gave me the willies.
Turns out it was a dead lizard...or so we thought.  It was very much alive.  And tail-less.  Ewww!
Time for cake!   My very, very favorite...italian cream cake.

Oh my.
And this morning?  The cats brought me the lizards tail. 

Almost more than I could handle.



  1. You never picked up my e-card!

  2. Somehow I missed it! =0( Sorry...but thank you! I just picked it up and no, my birthday didn't stink! =0)

  3. I remember the TPing days well. We couldn't get away with that here I think you could get shot! LOL Have a blast retaliating!


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