Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making Lemonade

It's testing week, so I've been making real breakfasts for the boys...and this morning found a double yolk-er.'s the simple things.


Yesterday I had lunch with two old friends and my face STILL hurts this morning from laughing so hard.  And loud.  And long.

I love friendships like that...the kind where you may not see each other for awhile but just sit down and pick right up where you left off.  

I especially love when the competitive nature of women comes out.  At one point Sheila was talking about her knees and how they are 'bone on bone' and Amy answered with, 'well, I have bursitis in my...'

Hello?  When did you become, like, 70 years old????  I burst out laughing and didn't stop.  For hours.

Ladies, I am recuperating  and can't wait for the next time.


They helped me see that I am flourishing right now.  Love that word!


Basically, I am just overflowing with thankfulness.  I just had a birthday and I am loving being a woman in my 40's.  Very early 40's, I might add, but 40's nonetheless.  My boys are at really fun ages (though if you know me know I have said that about every age!) and it's Spring and the garden is bursting into life and I have really amazing friends and my little business is thriving.



That being said, there are always speed bumps.  Matthew's car is dead and needs a new battery.  There is so much laundry that I cannot find the washer.  My floors are beyond disgusting.  There is no money for any type of vacation this year.  Again.  There is no time for any type of vacation this year anyway, thanks to basketball and college schedules.  My son is being woo'ed by places far away and I don't want him to be woo'ed by places far away, cuz I want him to stay close by forever, but I can't tell him that and have to just smile and nod and hide my tears.  He has his mothers wanderlust and for that I am thankful.  We have mice in our attic.  My new camera isn't working right.

But that is all part of flourishing.  Right?  

Today is an actual at home day for me.  I have some jewelry orders to fill and a house to clean and an episode of the Real Housewives of New York to watch.  I am going to make a simple roasted chicken for supper with nothing on it but olive oil and kosher salt.  I am still considering sides, but I am leaning towards there is lots of fresh broccoli from the garden.

Alex has a training session tonight and M is in music juries all day, so after all that we'll watch American Idol...still hoping for Danny!


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  1. I am glad no one makes breakfast for me because then I would have to talk to them!


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