Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend + Mother's Day Fun

Friday morning I drove my chariot to get a new battery.

OK, so it was Matthew's car and it was SO dirty that I couldn't see out the front window.  And, of course, it was out of windshield washer fluid.

But it was OK...I just hung my head out the window, like a dog, and drove on my way.

Whatever works, I tell ya.


A sad sight, but this was kinda sorta my mood for the last few days.  We have been too busy.  And I am pooped.
Mother's Day...I slept in and we went to late church.

Not church late, but late service AT church.

And after, we went to Arby's.  It is 3 for 5, you know.  So I had my first beef n cheddar in probably a decade.  Or two.

And it was yummy.
Came home and checked the mail and voila!  A package from Holly.  

A Dom DeLuise sad that he died this week!
Drove a town over for supper with our clan-people.

And spent time doing what clan-people do...putting incredibly cute small children on top of my car.


And yes, those are crutches.  Again.  And yes, my nephew is wearing what appears to be an apron.  Or two.

I'm thinking this boy needs to spend some serious time at my house this summer with my houseful.  And I'll go sleep at his.

Knee shmee.

Can it be?  Again?

Yep...once again, this child of mine is injured.  Same knee.  Same injury.
He is sad.  And mad.  And hurting.  And frustrated.

And I don't blame him.

So tomorrow I'll be on the phone, making appointments that hopefully won't have him missing any school.  He's feeling like he'll never play again...poor kid.  

But he is strong and we'll get it all figured out. 

Yep.  We will.


  1. Maybe he is just a Metro?

    Either way, tell his parents they need to put him in counseling now!

    Or course your youngest wore a dress for a "holloween costume" so maybe you can get a two for one deal with the counselor.

  2. Oh man, remind me to swallow BEFORE reading your comments!!!!! You kill me!!! =0)


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