Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lots to Talk About

OK.  OK.  OK.


I got the hint.  And I am blogging.

We are readjusting back to being a family of 5...and it took a week of squishing and squashing and packing and unpacking and laundering and climbing up and climbing down to get us back to normal.

Cuz we live in a tiny house.

On purpose.

  On our first date, M and I sat on the beach and talked for hours and hours about life 'when we grew up'.

Which I guess is 'now'.

Weird, huh?

He talked of wanting to be a church worker and wanting to go to school forever.


I talked of wanting to live in a small house (with lots of sons) because "people in big houses have bad marriages".

Yep.  I said that.

And although God has thrown curve balls at every single human decision we have made, that guy that I like so much IS a church worker who has a wall full of degrees AND we live in a tiny house.

All is well.

BUT, that being said, we are packed to the gills at this moment.  And with all 3 of my boys filling my house, I have been cooking.  And cleaning.  And laundering.  And hiding out in my bathroom.

Yep.  The only place that I can find quiet is in the bathroom.  No, I do not have bathroom troubles but yes, I probably spent 4 hours in there yesterday to escape the basketball rivalry that is happening within our 4 small walls.

Boys, boys, boys.  Everywhere I look, there is a boy.


Friday was a holiday for most of us, though Alex did have school.  And he was thrilled, let me tell you.  Thrilled.

We did a big 'ole bbq that night and splurged on a couple of these babies.  With butter.  Oh my.

Saturday morning was a ginormous german pancake with fresh blueberries.  And chocolate chip pancakes.  Cuz you can never have enough carbs on Saturday mornings.
Sunday lunch after church...Super Mex.  Big boys, huge bean and cheese burritos and a 40 minute drive home.

Reread the above and then feel my pain.
Above our kitchen sink is a copper pot that I found at a small antique shop in Pisa, Italy.  It was just a few euros and the woman working said,"you come italy and you buy old pot?"  She just kept saying how everything in America was so new and beautiful...funny how the grass is always greener.

Anyway, our pot is FULL of our wine corks.  Not quite sure why, but it is.

Memorial Day brought even more broccoli from the garden, this time turned into a yummy salad.  
It also brought Logan, who at 2 years old serenaded us (when he wasn't running, climbing and getting dropped on his head by his favorite cousin...oops!) with God Bless America.

I especially love how life is just happening all around him....gotta love lots of family in a little house.


This morning in the chilly, cloudy morning...zucchini's are growing!  I almost picked those beautiful flowers, stuffed 'em with goat cheese and fried them up...but I'll do that with the next batch.

And then I spotted these.  Tomatoes.  Homegrown.  On the vine. 

I am SO ready.
Guess what?

I've got MORE to blog about!

Yesterday, that guy that I like so much and I headed a town or two over for lunch at Felix's.

Cuz sometimes nothing in the world will make everything OK except really great cuban food.

The food doesn't look pretty but is AMAZING.

This is basically the filling to their awesome empanadas, served with white rice, black beans and fried plantains.

I am not kidding when I tell you that this will be on the menu in heaven.  For reals.  I can also tell you that they have a huge menu and I always order the SAME thing.
We then strolled and shopped and browsed and talked and shivered. was cold!

And then we found this store, which our friends Josh and Alison have been telling us about forever.
Cheese, cheese, cheese.  And MORE cheese!

Thankfully, we were full...but did end up with a French goat cheese and an Italian blue.

Oh my.

Now I need to go back to playing FarmTown on Facebook.  I am scarily addicted.


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